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Emerald Coast Circuits, Inc. is a service bureau dedicated to providing quality service to the printed circuit board process. Since our formation in 1976, ECCI has established one very important goal..."always consider the customer's needs." Speed and accuracy play a most important role in our daily activities.

Emerald Coast Circuits, Inc. is prepared to respond to today's customer by maintaining dependable equipment and dedicated employees. Our capabilities are presented for your review.

Scanning Service

A database can now be captured from your artwork, paper prints, or bare board. Our scan system can provide you with an alternative to printed circuit redesign at a much lower cost. Contact us for a quote regarding your scanning needs. Also review the scanning page for pricing details.

Photoplotting Service

Same day photoplots are a reality. Our fast service and low prices make ECCI very competitive in responding to the customer's plotting needs. Contact us for a quote regarding your photoplotting needs. Also review the photoplotting page for pricing details.

Database Conversion

ECCI can support you with many types of file conversions. A database, intelligent with symbols and connectivity, can be provided in many design formats. We can do dxf and dwg to gerber conversions as an example, as well as converting between many other different formats. Contact us for a quote, as price is determined by exactly the type of conversion and complexity.

Printed Circuit Boards/Prototype Boards/Assembly

ECCI has a working relationship with printed circuit board fabrication and assembly shops. We provide the necessary tooling to provide quality prototype boards in a timely manner. Contact us for a quote regarding you pc board needs.

Given the opportunity, ECCI can show our ability to provide quality service on or ahead of schedule. ECCI is a service bureau and Service Is Our Product.

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